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About NatureGlo.

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  • About NatureGlo's Travels

    NatureGlo travels periodically throughout the Eastern Sierra, Northern California, Nevada and the Arizona desert with a strong concentration focused on Eastern Sierra camping.

    Living Off-grid in Slab City, California

    vanlife in slab city, ca

    Vanlife in Slab City

    Vanning Death Valley

    Healthy Gourmet Dishes

    slab city trade circle

    A focus on FREEDOM in the Western Civ Syndrome.

    Western civilization is on a current train wreck. It's disassociated us from our beloved Mother Nature and is raping the land at a mind boggling rate out of greed. Let's take back our right to the land, free water and the ability to grow our own food again!

    slab city desert lily

    About NatureGlo

    Since 2013, NatureGlo has chosen to live an alternative life starting with Vanlife. From 2014 to 2023, NatureGlo did solo female vanlife around the Eastern Sierra. In January 2024, NatureGlo relocated to Slab City, California and joined the Wanderland Healing Coven Camp. 

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    Are you looking to enjoy a more mentally and physically healthy lifestyle through off-grid living, travel and food? Then look no further because this rare blog will help you find your off-grid, travel, and healthy living answers for a fulfilling life of freedom.

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